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Halal & Vegan Cosmetics & Beauty Products from Medina Healthcare Products

Medina healthcare are a team of specialists dedicated to producing an eco-ethical range of Halal cosmetics and vegan cosmetics of the highest quality. The intricate science behind each of our Halal and vegan cosmetic products shares a close relationship with the origins shared by Muslims throughout the world. Using only the purest ingredients certified by the HFA we have formulated superior quality Halal toiletries which are free from animal products, alcohols and harsh chemicals.

Along with producing Halal and Vegan toiletries and an Animal Cruelty-free range of Certified Halal and Vegan Cosmetic products, Medina Healthcare stocks a completely pure form of Black Seed Oil. For centuries people have benefited from the diverse range of healing properties associated with Black Seed Oil; from reducing blood pressure to treating allergies the pure ingredients present in Black Seed Oil are universally recognised as virtuous medicinal agents. Browse our website to see our full range of black seed oil products as well as many other vegan and Halal cosmetic goods.

All of our Halal cosmetics are officially certified by the HFA, so you can rest assured that when ordering from us you will only receive goods of the highest quality that fully conform to halal standards.

The concept behind Halal cosmetics incorporates the significant principles upheld by both modern and conservative Muslims, and integrates Halal ideologies without compromising the quality. Vegan Certified Medina Healthcare products uphold the strong beliefs which appose testing on animals and only distributing products which are free from animal components. We are continuously inspired by natural beauty and incorporate the latest developments in natural ingredients into our Halal and vegan.

Here at Medina Healthcare believe the benefits of Vegan Cosmetics and Halal cosmetics greatly enhance our -wellbeing physically and spiritually.